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Everyone benefits from regular exercise (stronger muscles, bones, and joints; maintaining a healthy weight; heart health; lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; sleeping better at night; feeling more ready to learn) and children need at least 60 minutes per day. The problem is that many children are spending too much time in sedentary activities (television, tablets, video games). Also, as they get older, it can be a challenge for some children to get enough daily activity due to increasing demands of school, a feeling that they may not be good enough for organized sports, a lack of active role models, and busy working families.

Full Circle Kids Personal Training fees are based on an hourly session rate of $95/hour, whether in Full Circle Fitness' private studio or the client's home. Session duration and frequency will be determined at the initial fitness-testing and goal-setting session, and will be customized to your child's specific fitness goals and lifestyle needs. Group training (2-3 children maximum) is also available.

Generally, if your child is ready to participate in organized sports or activities, it is safe to start an exercise program. Children as young as 6 or 7 can participate in body-weight training as long as they show interest and can follow directions*. It is not a scaled-down version of an adult's regimen, however.  It takes into account a child's changing body prior to and including during puberty:  energy metabolism, body temperature regulation, hormones, weight to strength ratios, and vision development. 

General Health and Fitness - I design a program to meet the specific health goals and physical literacy of your child (e..g., endurance, strength, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, power) in an age-appropriate way. 

Youth Athletes - I focus on X-Factors for High Performance (integrating general and sport-specific skills) to improve performance and prevent injury.

Social-Emotional - I also addresses social-emotional challenges your child may be struggling with, bringing my Full Circle Kids curriculum to our sessions, teaching children to have a healthy mind, body and life.

*I assess cognitive functioning (ability to understand request), physical functioning (ability to perform the physical movement), and adaptive functioning (ability to stay with each exercise).