"to eat difrent foob groups" (different food groups)

"I had fun"

"freeze tag"

"Help people"

"that we have a magering buckets" (imaginary)

"the rope swing"


"Happy fills the bucket"

"pogen dodgeball" (poisonball)

"How to work together"


"I learned about bulling" (bullying)

"swamp crasing" (crossing)

"SPUD game"

​​​"The I Never Ever game"

"I learned to be epethetic" (empathetic)

What I LIKED MOST about Full Circle Kids was.....

Here's what full circle kids in k-2nd grade are saying!

"you should exercise a lot"

"animal hunt" (Hunter and Guard)

"playing capture the flag"

"dodgeball crack a boght" (crackabout)

"learn tesing joking and bullying" (teasing)

"ROCK - respect, openess, corporat, kindness" (cooperate)

"When we did the realay race"

"to be kind"

"evretheg" (everything!)

"the games"

"coperation" (cooperation)

"about nightmares"

"The I statement thing we Learned"

"I Am Thankful For cards"

"food sihince" (science)

"Relasionships rock" 

.... and one of my personal favorites:  "You're 45?!!? You're FAST!!!"

"To not bulley" (bully)

"Kik the can"

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What I Learned at Full Circle Kids was.....

"Airplane control game"

"don't be mean"

"empiphy" (empathy)