"food sihince" (science)

"Help people"

"that we have a magering buckets" (imaginary)

"Happy fills the bucket"

"dodgeball crack a boght" (crackabout)

"learn tesing joking and bullying" (teasing)

"pogen dodgeball" (poisonball)

"When we did the realay race"


"I learned about bulling" (bullying)

"to be kind"

"swamp crasing" (crossing)

"SPUD game"

​​​"The I Never Ever game"

"I learned to be epethetic" (empathetic)

"I had fun"

"freeze tag"

"the rope swing"

"animal hunt" (Hunter and Guard)

"playing capture the flag"


"How to work together"

"ROCK - respect, openess, corporat, kindness" (cooperate)

"don't be mean"

"evretheg" (everything!)

"about nightmares"

"The I statement thing we Learned"

Here's what full circle kids in k-2nd grade are saying!

"empiphy" (empathy)

"to eat difrent foob groups" (different food groups)

"you should exercise a lot"

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"coperation" (cooperation)

"I Am Thankful For cards"

"Relasionships rock" 

"Airplane control game"

"To not bulley" (bully)

"Kik the can"

What I LIKED MOST about Full Circle Kids was.....

"the games"

What I Learned at Full Circle Kids was.....

.... and one of my personal favorites:  "You're 45?!!? You're FAST!!!"