"[Lori Ramage] is very in tune and sensitive, full of information on health, fitness and anatomy for healthy exercises and very "present" and understanding - she is also a counselor."

The Full Circle Personal training promise


​​​​Identify and overcome the psychological roadblocks to a healthy and fit lifestyle (e.g., feeling overwhelmed, poor self-image, self-doubt, no time, intimidation, fear-of-failure, lack of self-confidence, shame, focusing on restriction, embarrassment, all-or-nothing thinking).    

​​​​​Knowing how to exercise is important. Understanding why you don't is critical. Exercise is necessary to be healthy and fit, and yet mainstream fitness facilities aren't reaching everyone, and information is clearly not enough. Despite the abundance of health information at our fingertips, issues related to obesity and weight-management persist, and children are not exempt from these problems. Are you struggling to make exercise part of your lifestyle? I can help you.

​​Fitness Coaching Services:

  • ​comprehensive fitness assessment and body composition analysis
  • personalized health and fitness goal-setting
  • customized exercise program design
  • one-on-one private instruction
  • on-going Lifestyle Coaching

SUSTAIN... Full Circle fitness will create a fitness regime that fits your lifestyle

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​​​​​OVERCome... Full circle fitness will Train your brain to change your body

Fitness Coaching fees are based on an hourly session rate of $95/hour, whether in Full Circle Fitness' private studio, via a virtual platform, or the client's home. Session duration and frequency will be determined during the initial fitness-testing and goal-setting session and will be customized to your specific fitness goals and lifestyle needs. Group fitness training and semi-private fitness training is also available. If you are interested in an exercise program for your child, click on Full Circle Kids Personal Training.

​​​​Fitness Coaching 

Achieve... Full circle fitness will teach you functional exercises 



Great fitness experiences lead to great outcomes. It will be fun. You will make time for it. You will change your life. The ultimate goal of Full Circle Fitness is to give you the blueprint to self-sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Exercises are designed to use multiple muscles and joints simultaneously through their full range of motion (function), with an emphasis on balance, posture, and coordination (form) in order to improve overall strength, endurance, agility, power, flexibility and body composition (fitness).