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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Helping children to develop healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy lives. Get Fit Through Games!  This is the mantra of Full Circle Kids, a fun, physical activity workshop that helps to prepare children for the difficult task of growing up - in a HEALTHY way.  Being physically active offers not only great physical health benefits, but also important social and emotional benefits. This is an important stage in your child's early development, and Full Circle Kids tackles some important life-skills that influence children's esteem, confidence, and health and well-being. ​​Through fun games, activities, relays, team-building exercises, arts & crafts, straight talk and more, Lori Ramage (MS, CPT) empowers children with knowledge and skills to be healthy, happy and safe.

HEALTHY BODY... Full Circle Kids teaches the cornerstones of maintaining a physically healthy body:  eating healthy, moving more, calm breathing, protecting growing bones and muscles, and practicing good sleep habits.
I eat like a pro…I know the formula for eating healthy, and now I can teach it to you.
My body needs me…I know how to take care of my body and make it last a lifetime!


​​​​HEALTHY LIFE... Full Circle Kids sets your child’s course on success:  assertive communication, developing healthy relationships, resolving conflicts, staying safe from predators in the real-world and online, standing up to bullying, and caring for others.
My relationships ROCK…Forget BFF. My relationships are based on the ROCK of Respect, Openness, Cooperation, and Kindness.
I play it safe…I recognize the red flags for danger (abuse, bullying) and I know exactly what to do about them.
I communicate assertively… I can express my needs and wants through I-statements.
It’s cool to be kind… to myself and to others!

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The Big Picture

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The Details


​HEALTHY MIND... Full Circle Kids gets to the mind of the matter:  building self-esteem, managing big emotions like anger and stress, practicing empathy, problem-solving, developing a growth mindset, and being joyful.
I can be myself when the whole world wants me to be like everyone else…I know that I’m special and unique; being different makes it so.
I can make my brain grow… I embrace challenges and mistakes as opportunities to grow.
I am the boss of my feelings…I can say how I feel, and I can choose how I will react to my feelings.
I hear your feelings and your point of view…I am building my empathy toolkit as a way to solve problems.
My tank is full…I know the secret to being joyful (and yes, gratitude is an important ingredient).